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Technically it’s Sunday already, but being that I feel I just went to bed let’s just call it up in the middle of the night. These are my random thoughts at 3AM. A time when all normal folk are sleeping snug in their beds and I just got done feeding a hungry little baby. A baby that just yesterday was ready to turn me in to the milk police, due to lack of. Thankfully I finally succumbed to oatmeal and this cow is back and running. It’s a good time to insert that I truly hate oatmeal. I’m not a fussy eater by no means,but oatmeal is on a separate island when it comes to food. Michael’s words, “it’s porridge, get ready”. Yuck! The good man submerged it in raw honey and blackberries, but I still got a good amount without all that and it was horrible! It was at that moment that I looked over to my 2 month old and then over to my 4-year-old who I nursed for 15 months – insert “guilt” emoji now. Formula is calling me, can you hear it? “Come to formula. We love you. We wont disappoint, you can relax now”. It’s taunting! They send it in the mail to taunt and tempt! I ate the damn oatmeal because I love my baby and I’ve convinced myself she’ll resent me if I don’t give her the boob. I did it for love. I did it to win a “mom award” because that’s a real thing – I just don’t know when it airs…Someday they’ll thank me. Ha, don’t hold my breath.

Did I mentioned I have appointed myself neighborhood watch? I’m up at 3AM, so I feel I will be good at this job. Breastfeeding mom in the window will surely scare the bad men. Look out.

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