The CookBook You Have To Have

The Cookbook You Have To Have - Girl Nesting

Last nights meal seen above: Bibimbap Salad

A good friend of mine, that I have known for many many years now, sent me this amazing cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow “It’s All Easy” as a gift. First I have to say, my friend Jody is the BEST gift giver. Always has been. She sees something she thinks you may enjoy and you find it in your mailbox waiting to make your day extra sweet. She’s amazing don’t you think?! Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like her.

Now this gift she felt would re-awaken the cook in me. I need to be honest, I haven’t cooked from it as of yet. Guess who has?! My husband Michael. Unexpectedly it birthed a new cook in the house! A fantastic passionate cook! I have been eating the best meals I have ever tasted, all from this cookbook, all cooked by my man. I have to say, it’s really sexy seeing my man in the kitchen. I don’t mean to make anyone blush or uncomfortable, but ladies…This man is looking fine! He’s in that kitchen chopping and dicing, making all kinds of exotic food. The aromas! Food is not only the way to a man’s heart. It’s the way to the lady’s too. Especially for this momma of a newborn. Let me just say thank you to my thoughtful friend, Jody. This is my favorite cookbook. And thanks to my husband Michael for spoiling me and finding such a rewarding new hobby! I support this new passion of yours 100%. I don’t even have to feel guilty about what I’m eating because the dishes are healthy. Many don’t have gluten, dairy, or sugar. The prep time takes less than it would to order takeout. In our busy life with the kiddos, saving time is gold. Are the recipe’s easy? Well, my husband doesn’t think they’re easy…But he says they’re a lot of fun. I hear him humming in the kitchen, enjoying himself.

I look forward to cooking from this exceptional cookbook someday…But I don’t want to ruin the good thing I’ve got going here 😉

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*photos c/o Gwyneth Paltrow “It’s All Easy”.

Get this book. I promise, you never tasted food this good. Especially food this good made in your own home. I feel like I’m at a restaurant every night! A restaurant with a hot chef 😉 The spices are incredible. The flavors are a party in my mouth…it’s seriously very very good.

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The Cookbook You Have To Have - Girl Nesting  

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