5 DIY’s I Must Try!

Get ready to head to Home Depot. It’s time to build things! These are my 5 favorite DIY’s I’m dying to try. The weather is beautiful and that just brings the builder out in me. Birds are making nests, I want to make a huge hexagon privacy wall with a planter box! I’m sure I’m not alone.

Top 5 DIY’s:

  1. Giant Pegboard, because it looks great and can help us out with all our plants and cute nicknacks. 
  2. Wooden Midcentury Plant Stand, because they cost so much money! I rather save and make it exactly to my liking.
  3. Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall, because this is a great backdrop and gives you an attractive solution to privacy from our neighbors, we love them, but we can jump right onto their deck, they’re that close. This would be perfect so that we can get that bit of privacy we’re probably mutually craving.
  4. Vertical Garden, because they make a great backdrop and again a perfect privacy wall. I have been dying to try this. Hope Michael is up for it 😉
  5. Book Shelves or Picture Shelves, because with our growing family, I can see us needing these on a regular. Why buy them when they are so simple to make! Also we can paint them whatever color our heart desires.

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