Skye’s Milestones & DockATot’s New Mobile Toy

Skye had a lot of firsts this past week. She moved into her big sisters bedroom and slept through the night. They are now officially roommates, and it’s going very well! On Mothers Day, she tried solids for the first time, actually cream cheese – loved it! Our first child Zoë had a healthy sweet potato for her first solid, but this lucky gal got to lick cream cheese right off of momma’s finger (lol). She’s making strong attempts at holding her bottle on her own. However, my personal favorite milestone, she has started the first signs of talking – babbling (I think she’s trying to tell me something). Each day, we see more of Skye’s personality. She’s still very chill, but she also has a sense of humor. Sometimes we catch her giving us a mischievous smile, followed by giggles; she likes to tease Michael especially. The kid is amazing. She’s great company, smiles and laughs at all of my jokes, she really likes to watch The View with me and her sleep schedule is down right awesome. I’m a loyal fan.

The weather is GORGEOUS – 80+ degrees today! The sun is bursting through the sky. The upper deck revamp is all finished, so we’ve been spending as much time out there as possible. Michael did an incredible job painting and planting everything. He put his whole heart into making my dream sanctuary. He grilled us shrimps and scallops last night for dinner. We sat under the deep blue sky, surrounded by the city lights and laughed about parenthood while sipping wine. All while our baby Skye, 18 weeks old, slept peacefully in her DockATot. By the way, DockATot came out with a very cool addition to the portable bed! It’s a mobile toy that attaches right onto the portable bed c/o our friends over at DockATot. Skye loves it! It’s actually our most used baby product in the whole house, seen here!

She looks just like Michael. But she acts just like me 😉

  • Monica Copelin

    Love this post. We purchased a DockATot for our little girl and we don’t know what we would do without it. Now that she’s older I think the new mobile could be really helpful.


    • Thank you so much Monica! It has been a lifesaver for us as well. I love that its lightweight, so easy to move from room to room. We’re in fact at a hotel right now, for a family overnight trip, and Skye’s sleeping next to me in her DocATot – it’s perfect for travel. The mobile toy is really cute and makes it a play space – perfect for this young age.

      I love your blog! I’m subscribing to it now 🙂

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