Zoë Time & Washable Rugs – Yes Please!


 Sharing the spotlight when you didn’t have to share it for so long is without question, a challenge. Zoë needs her glory, she needs her time to shine. And shine she does. She recently got signed with a modeling agency here in Chicago, called Lily’s Talent. There is just something special that comes out of this little girls eyes! I was hesitant for a long time about my daughter following my footsteps, but the talent is there. It can’t be ignored – she’s quite clearly a star. We are so proud of our theatrical beauty – she is an amazing little girl who enthusiastically loves life like no other. We will cheer her on for our entire lives. This weekend, she scored a goal for the other team in soccer, and we applauded just as loud as if she had scored for her team, “keep it up, way to go!”. I just saw her doing them a favor 😉

Zoë comes home from school covered in marker and food stains. It’s a like a road map of her day. At home, the living room is our designated play area, which is a little comical because it’s also what we call our “white room”. Kids and white living spaces are probably believed to be a fantasy. Somehow, with some care and Michael’s OCD, we make work. There is one additional trick to keep a white space tidy, with kids and a pug: washable everything. The only challenge in keeping things clean were our rugs. Dry clean only doesn’t pair well with kids, but guess what?! There is such a thing as WASHABLE AREA RUGS! Yep, how cool is that?! There is a wonderful company by the name of, LORENA CANALS, who produce beautiful rugs and cushions that are all machine washable. Yes, machine washable, as in fits into a standard washer and dryer. The home collection is ideal for every room, not just the kids rooms. Our living room looks amazing with our new Bereber Beige Rug and floor cushion, c/o LORENA CANALS

  • Bobbi Whitney

    Zoe is too stinkin’ cute! Good luck to her with modeling – so exciting. And I had no idea that a washable rug existed. Good to know!




    • Thank you so much Bobbi! We’re excited for her! And our rug is proving to be the best decision, with all the spills of milk that has happened already lol. It’s awesome 🙂


    • Thanks so much Bobbi!!!


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