Family Field Trip to Chicago’s Gethsemane Gardens with the Best Baby Carrier

My titles are getting longer (lol). Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We had so much fun with the family! My aunt Janet (AKA Tia) came in from Miami, which is always fun. She’s great with kids, loves to cook with Michael and we always have a good laugh after the kids are asleep, with a glass of wine or two.

On Saturday, we all ventured out to my favorite nursery in the city, Gethsemane Gardens. It is breathtaking! Family owned and operated. The staff is passionate about flora. They always take the time to educate their customers – we would never have known that we could successfully grow grapes in our small garden out back had it not been for these awesome people! Our grapes are doing great by the way, they came back green and lush. For 2 hours we enjoyed the endless rows of flowers, fruit trees, patio furniture, gorgeous planters, water features and more. There’s so much beauty in one place. It must be heaven. Did I mention it takes up like 3 blocks? Incredible.

Every mom gets excited about baby gear, and I was SUPER excited to use my new ADAPT baby carrier, c/o Ergobaby! It’s an easy-to-use 3 position carrier that adapts to your growing baby from newborn to toddler. No infant insert needed (THANK YOU!). WE (Skye and I) LOVE IT – definitely the best baby carrier around. It makes it possible to keep up with Zoë and still have Skye close and safe to my heart, hands free. I really couldn’t juggle life’s stuff and kids, without it. Especially when it’s just me and the girls.

So, Zoë’s summer break is around the corner. I want to spend as much time outside with her as we can. Kids learn so much from the outdoors. Like at the nursery, she was asking what kind of plants they were, and drawing what she saw. She even saw and learned about baby preying mantis – she thought they were cute. They were very cute.

Being raised in the city myself, I looked forward to field trips to the museums and the botanical gardens. It inspired me. And that’s the plan for our two girls. To introduce and inspire.

Wishing you a fun weekend! We’ll be up to our ears with ballet, ballet recital rehearsal, soccer, promised playground time… Jeez, and that’s just Zoë’s schedule. Wait till Skye starts her classes!

Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler

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