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5 DIY’s I Must Try!

Get ready to head to Home Depot. It’s time to build things! These are my 5 favorite DIY’s I’m dying to try. The weather is beautiful and that just brings the builder out in me. Birds are making nests, I want to make a huge hexagon privacy wall with a planter box! I’m sure I’m not alone.

Top 5 DIY’s:

  1. Giant Pegboard, because it looks great and can help us out with all our plants and cute nicknacks. 
  2. Wooden Midcentury Plant Stand, because they cost so much money! I rather save and make it exactly to my liking.
  3. Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall, because this is a great backdrop and gives you an attractive solution to privacy from our neighbors, we love them, but we can jump right onto their deck, they’re that close. This would be perfect so that we can get that bit of privacy we’re probably mutually craving.
  4. Vertical Garden, because they make a great backdrop and again a perfect privacy wall. I have been dying to try this. Hope Michael is up for it 😉
  5. Book Shelves or Picture Shelves, because with our growing family, I can see us needing these on a regular. Why buy them when they are so simple to make! Also we can paint them whatever color our heart desires.

DIY: How to Paint Wood Kitchen Cabinets

DIY: How to Paint Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

It has been 2 awesome months here in our new townhouse! The one thing I couldn’t wait to do from we moved in, was paint our kitchen cabinets. Of course I was the only person in this house who believed it could be a great thing… The old wood cabinets had a lot of grain, which caused concern for my partner-n-crime (husband Michael). Well, I did what every woman has to do when you need to help your hubby be a believer in something, because 2 months now I’ve been staring at a kitchen that needs a makeover desperately. I figured we were going to have to take baby steps.

This was the kitchen before:

DIY: How to Paint Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

First I asked Michael to just paint the walls, they were a high gloss green. I have nothing against the color green, but I had a plan for this kitchen and it included “Chalk White” walls by Ralph Lauren Paint.

I took this pic above right as Michael was prepping to paint, so everything looks much worse than usual. Now I have to say, this kitchen is functional, just not a place I loved to cook in…and I love to cook.

 Then it looked like this:

DIY: How to Paint Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

Better…but wow, look at those old cabinets! Michael said it didn’t bother him much and I started to worry I was going to have to live with them till spring…but finally, he changed his mind – the next day he changed his mind (lol).

 It is now day 3 and we are both blown away with how beautiful it looks! You’ll have to wait for now till the big reveal, but I wanted to share how to paint wood cabinets with you all. I highly recommend doing this project and don’t get intimidated. You have the freedom to make it yours! Choose whatever color or colors make you happy. It’s also a great way to get the custom look without the custom price. This kitchen renovation has cost about $300.

So, how do you paint cabinets? It’s actually pretty easy, it takes patience. Your goal is to make the surface of the cabinet as smooth as possible. These materials and tips did just that for our kitchen.

What you’ll need:

  • Foam roller
  • Foam brush
  • Sandpaper block (fine grain)
  • Small paint tray
  • Damp paper towel or cloth
  • Drop cloth
  • Pencil
  • Paint (I highly recommend using a satin finish. I actually compared the finishes to custom cabinets and this was the closest that I felt looked the same to the look that I wanted. It is also the same finish we used to update our kitchen in the loft that we used to live in. If you remember, I mentioned that loft sold in 3 weeks! The cabinets turned out incredible!)

Here are the steps:

DIY: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

  1. Sand them. Make sure you get all the sheen off.

DIY: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

2. Wipe them down with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove all the dust.

DIY: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

3. Number them. This step helps a lot for when it’s time to attach the doors back onto the hinges. This is an old kitchen, the hinges are adjusted for the cabinets and drawers already; you don’t want to have to readjust them all…that would be a nightmare.

DIY: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

4. Paint the first coat with a sponge roller. Do a thin coat and get as close as you can to the creases – don’t paint the creases just yet though, that’s the next step. *Also DO NOT go over what you have already painted, it will pick up the drying paint (it dries fast) and will cause it to have a very rough finish. Work down the assembly line as you can see I have set up above; this allows you the time you need to let the paint dry in-between coats and you get more cabinets done at a time this way.

DIY: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

5. Now it’s time to use a sponge brush. This tool is going to help get every crease you just left out in the last step. Make sure you smooth out the paint as you do this process, so that it doesn’t get goopy. This is also a good time to get the edges of the cabinet. Work down the assembly line again.

DIY: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

 6. Get you’re sponge roller ready and do another coat of paint. Notice how smooth this finish is looking. That’s why you do the steps before, so that you get a smooth finish and not a goopy finish.

DIY: How to Paint Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Girl Nesting

7. Allow this side to dry and repeat the process again on the back. Remember, do not paint over the numbers! You may or may not have to paint the front again, that’s up to you. Then wait.

I can tell you, we are in love with how this kitchen redesign has turned out. You can see a little of what we chose in the shots above – a sneak peek. Michael now thinks this was a brilliant idea, it also saved us so much money! The best part though was bonding with my man these past few days. This kitchen means so much to me because we did this together. I may have painted every single cabinet door, but he painted the hinges, took the cabinets off than on again, put in a new light fixture (that’s a fun surprise to share with you soon), and put on all the new door handles that he picked out and are awesome!

The full reveal will be up soon…well, as soon as these bad boys dry and I paint a few more cabinets 😉 So stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Decorate Your Tech – Banana Leaf Wallpaper {FREE WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD}

Decorate Your Tech: Banana Leaf Wallpaper (FREE DOWNLOAD) - Girl Nesting

I figure Mondays are a great day to decorate our tech cause no one likes Mondays, and pretty things makes everyone smile, am I right? So here’s a new free download I designed over the weekend for you lovelies. I’m craving a tropical vacation somewhere…sigh. Missing my old home Miami again (why did I leave?!)…so to take me back to the tropics (where I belong), I thought some banana leaves plotted across our laptops would hold me over 😉 Please get your coffee, take a deep breath and say out loud, “Today is going to be awesome!”. Positive thinking…it’s a miracle.

Real quick, this weekend for us was a busy one. Zoë got a new big girl bed! She is tall like I was when I was a munchkin. Overnight, she grew and looked smushed in her toddler bed. So Mike and I headed off to IKEA and Land of Nod, then I pulled out my sewing machine…this was no joke. Serious business. The final reveal, we made her small room something very very special. I’ll take some pics this week to share with you all. Zoë absolutely loves her new room; she’s been sleeping in her twin size bed like an angel. I was worried she wouldn’t sleep in it all, but the little lady has found her sanctuary at last.

 Finally, I would also like to say that I am so excited to see so many new Girl Nesting followers. It is such a joy to see the numbers grow daily! I’ve been working on this blog for a little over a year now, and it brings me so much joy to create these posts. A lot of love goes into it, so thank you so much for following along. I am really glad to see you all here 🙂

How to download: 1// Click on the highlighted link below, the jpg.file will drop into your Downloads file on your desktop. 2// Save or drag jpg.file from Downloads onto your desktop. 3// Select “system preferences” then “desktop & screen saver“. Drag jpg.file onto desktop option to replace current image and ENJOY!

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