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Girl Nesting’s Mothers Day Gift Guide

Every Mother’s Day, my husband Michael, checks our blog Girl Nesting for gift ideas. He calls it his cheat sheet. I couldn’t make it any easier…I even have the link to make the purchase that much easier. So here ya go babe, this year’s Mothers Day Gift guide. Top on my list are #’s 1 & 6. Momma needs new shoes running after all of you guys in the house ;). Next, #4 Is B.A! This is theultimate mamma ninja device. “Mother of pearl hinge bangle activity tracker, 26mm…”It tracks your steps, sleep cycles and social media activity in style with this elegantly refined tracker detailed with flower-shaped mother-of-pearl insets. The light-up notification feature will keep you updated on your progress without distraction. Plus, the Bluetooth enabled design can even control your camera and music when you’ve got no time to fuss with your smartphone on the go”, I quote. Momma needs one 😉


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This Is Me

Experiences in life leave footprints, that’s what I see in the reflection, evidence of time. I see versions of myself in my babies, running past me. The days are feeling shorter. I value how I spend my time more than ever before. When I was younger I didn’t think about choosing my time wisely. As we get older we become less tolerant. We realize we have one life, make each day count. I filter out what I don’t need. I enjoy what’s in front of me. I listen closely to my heart. This is me. A woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. This is me.


El Porto Romper

Parenthood Lately – Sisters Dressed in Finn + Emma

Parenthood Lately - Sisters Dressed In Finn + Emma - Girl Nesting

Parenthood is a constant moving rollercoaster. There are moments when time slows down just enough to sit back and exclaim “We did this”. A lot like a rollercoaster at the top of a drop. It slows down just enough for you to take in the incredible view. Michael kissed my cheek and said these words “We did this” as we looked over at our girls, smiling and laughing with each other, earlySunday morning. There are sweet moments like these, and then there are moments where you just want to pull your hair out, because no one is listening, behaving, or moving productively, so we can all get out of the house and be were we need to be. Despite those testing times, it’s an incredible ride. My heart tugs at me when my girls smile, cry, scream, laugh, sneeze, tell me they don’t love me, tell me that I’m the best mom ever. I’ve never been more aware of my heart. It’s tugging all of the time now.

When I was a parent of just one child, I couldn’t imagine being capable of loving another as much as the first. My love for my first was so huge, how could I have room to love another? The answer is simple. Your heart grows, doubles, with a little extra for good measure. You can’t imagine it, just like you can’t imagine how much you would love the first child, but it happened. It took your breath away then, and it will take your breath away again and again. My love for my daughters is immeasurable.

Something that sits in the back of my mind, is that when you love someone, you let them go. My responsibility is to be there for their every need, and then one day, when they’re ready and I’m not, it will be time to wave goodbye. That’s love. Yes, today the girls are very young still, we just started our journey, but in my mind Zoë was born yesterday, she’s 4.5 years old! Skye will be 4 months this Thursday! Time moves quickly. 

There are moments that will stand out, that is amazing and special. That’s the gift. That’s all that you get to keep, the memories. Children grow up and they leave the nest. That’s how you know you did your job. You taught them how to survive out there in this crazy beautiful world. What an incredible responsibility, what an honor. I watch as their lives take flight. They begin to develop friendships, hobbies, responsibilities of their own. Our job is to be there for them when they fall, and then stand back, watching proudly when they sail. It hurts like nothing else…But it’s also very beautiful.

Parenthood Lately - Sisters Dressed In Finn + Emma - Girl NestingParenthood Lately - Sisters Dressed In Finn + Emma - Girl NestingParenthood Lately - Sisters Dressed In Finn + Emma - Girl Nesting

The girls are relaxing in their new buttery soft threads out in our city “backyard”, c/o our friends over at Finn + Emma. They’re made with non-toxic, G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. Even the snaps are lead/nickel free and feature real coconut inserts! The clothes have a generous fit, allowing room to be worn longer. Skye’s hand-knit rattle, Lily the Pika, is made by an artisanal women’s collective in Peru with G.O.T.S certified organic cotton yarn and wool stuffing. This is her new buddy. We take it everywhere 🙂

Zoë is wearing: Pajamas (elephant print)

Skye is wearing: Lap Bodysuit
(salmon rose), Pants
(zebras), Headband

*This post is in partnership with Finn + Emma, whose products we absolutely LOVE.* 

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