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Life Lately

It has been so long since I’ve written a post just for the sake of writing. Feels a bit unfamiliar. Obviously, it’s time to get back into it. I have been in the twister of life lately. My daily schedule has a different shade of busy, now with two kiddos in the mix. Zoë is on SUMMER BREAK. That’s right! 2 kids at home, all day, every day – for months! How is it going? It’s tough, but I absolutely love it. I’ve missed Zoë so much! Our summer has basically been enjoying our outdoor spaces, going to the park and meeting neighborhood kids, also both the girls are modeling now! Yep, Zoë and Skye are following in my footsteps. I guess they start summer jobs early in this house lol. Which brings me to Skye’s news. Skye booked Gerber Baby about a week ago. She’s officially now a real life Gerber Baby! The shoot went great. She was a natural! She only cried in the very beginning when they were testing the lights, but then she was all smiles. They gave her a special bib as a souvenir. We’ll be framing that as soon as the ad comes out in August. What a great first gig right?! She’s got me beat. My first job was for a catalog and I was 15.

My agency asked us to take some pics all together for a potential client. Here’s a couple of the shots we took. I put on my favorite pink dress from pre-baby and it fits! I’ve been working hard with Michael to get back in shape for a few weeks now at CorePower. We are big fans of the Yoga Sculpt class. It’s basically boot camp in a 105 degree room with occasional downward dog, warrior pose and a zillion chaturongas. It’s a 75 minute class that challenges every fiber in your body. People have fainted and puked before, it’s that rough, but I’m hooked! I love the challenge. The class ends in a much-needed savasana, translation: Laying on your back in complete stillness, free of thoughts. Michael joked that he passed out the first time back, it just looked like savasana lol. It hasn’t been easy getting back into shape this second time around. I’ve worked out my entire life, except during this last pregnancy. Avoiding those early contractions came with a strict rule of no strenuous movement. Not an easy thing for someone who likes to stay fit, but it was all worth it. Now look, my little peanut is a Gerber Baby!

I still have a lot of work to do to get back into shape, but let’s be honest, that’s a constant work in progress. It’s really nice to fit into my old clothes again and it gives me energy to keep up with the littles.

One of my best friends is getting married tomorrow! I’ll be wearing this dress. I can’t wait to see her in her gown, she’s going to be stunning walking down that aisle. We’ve known each other for so long. We actually first met modeling back in our teens. Now we’re real grown ups. I’ll be 40 at the end of this year…Why hide that fun fact?! I’m damn proud. Where did the time go? I have to say, I’m loving this time in my life the most. 

Family Field Trip to Chicago’s Gethsemane Gardens with the Best Baby Carrier

My titles are getting longer (lol). Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We had so much fun with the family! My aunt Janet (AKA Tia) came in from Miami, which is always fun. She’s great with kids, loves to cook with Michael and we always have a good laugh after the kids are asleep, with a glass of wine or two.

On Saturday, we all ventured out to my favorite nursery in the city, Gethsemane Gardens. It is breathtaking! Family owned and operated. The staff is passionate about flora. They always take the time to educate their customers – we would never have known that we could successfully grow grapes in our small garden out back had it not been for these awesome people! Our grapes are doing great by the way, they came back green and lush. For 2 hours we enjoyed the endless rows of flowers, fruit trees, patio furniture, gorgeous planters, water features and more. There’s so much beauty in one place. It must be heaven. Did I mention it takes up like 3 blocks? Incredible.

Every mom gets excited about baby gear, and I was SUPER excited to use my new ADAPT baby carrier, c/o Ergobaby! It’s an easy-to-use 3 position carrier that adapts to your growing baby from newborn to toddler. No infant insert needed (THANK YOU!). WE (Skye and I) LOVE IT – definitely the best baby carrier around. It makes it possible to keep up with Zoë and still have Skye close and safe to my heart, hands free. I really couldn’t juggle life’s stuff and kids, without it. Especially when it’s just me and the girls.

So, Zoë’s summer break is around the corner. I want to spend as much time outside with her as we can. Kids learn so much from the outdoors. Like at the nursery, she was asking what kind of plants they were, and drawing what she saw. She even saw and learned about baby preying mantis – she thought they were cute. They were very cute.

Being raised in the city myself, I looked forward to field trips to the museums and the botanical gardens. It inspired me. And that’s the plan for our two girls. To introduce and inspire.

Wishing you a fun weekend! We’ll be up to our ears with ballet, ballet recital rehearsal, soccer, promised playground time… Jeez, and that’s just Zoë’s schedule. Wait till Skye starts her classes!

Introducing Adapt Carrier by Ergobaby-Newborn to Toddler

Happy 20 Weeks Skye + Bath Time + Mustela + Boon

Happy 20 weeks Skye – this little girl is 5 months old! My gosh, I feel like we just met face to face…How is it 5 months already? Allow me to take a moment and wrap my brain around that. Skye will be celebrating her 1/2 birthday next month – Kleenex please. With the new month come new milestones. 

  1. Last month, she discovered rolling from her belly to her back. This month, she mastered rolling from her back to her belly.
  2. #1 lead to rolling non-stop, over and over again. Of course, that was only the start. Now she can use her foot against the crib bar to change her direction, and end up at each corner of the crib. Yeah…Fun (insert sarcastic emoji now).
  3. On top of that, Skye’s making attempts at pulling herself up with the bars of the crib. Great…
  4. She’s scooting forward, like a very premature crawl. 
  5. She’s tasting solid food! That’s always messy and fun. She likes it, but would rather drink 6-8 ounces of milk instead.
  6. She’s sleeping through the night.
  7. She’s sleeping in!
  8. Teething like crazy, but little lady holds her teething toy all on her own!

Bath time is what I like to call Skye’s spa time. I try to make it fun for the both of us. Sometimes I play soft music, massage her feet and hands, I love her giggles when I make silly faces at her – that’s my favorite. Our friends over at Boon, sent us their 3-stage SOAK bathtub to try – it’s designed with an adjustable bump and contoured back to suit newborns through seated toddlers and fits into most double sinks. I personally prefer placing it in our tub though, since bath time is right after our oldest shower time, this way I can keep everyone in one place. Something I wasn’t expecting and find very cool, is that it’s included with a clever temperature changing drain – that’s extremely helpful!

Boon introduced us to their friends over at Mustela, a trusted leader in skin care for over 60 years! They have recently come out with baby washes and lotions designed for a variety of baby skin types. Yep, baby’s have skin types too. Between the ages 0-2, baby’s skin is getting used to the environmental stressors of the outside world. Back when Zoë was a newborn, it was obvious she had very sensitive skin and was prone to eczema. Skye has a different skin type than her older sister. It fits under the category of normal skin. Mustela’s new line covers 4 skin types: Normal, Dry, Eczema – Prone & Very Sensitive Skin – so there’s something for everyone.

Mustela sent us their Foam Shampoo, Hydra Bebe Body Lotion, Gentle Cleansing Gel and the Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath. We loved using each of these products! They were very moisturizing and gentle on her skin.

By the way, we moved the crib mattress down so Skye can’t climb over…We may be over-cautious, but I watched her do a pretty good job pulling herself up when she thought I wasn’t looking. It has begun. The growing leads to mobile, which then leads to “Bye mom, see you after school!”. KLEENEX!

We hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day weekend! We’re excited to have the family come into town – its grill time! 

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