Happy 20 Weeks Skye + Bath Time + Mustela + Boon

Happy 20 weeks Skye – this little girl is 5 months old! My gosh, I feel like we just met face to face…How is it 5 months already? Allow me to take a moment and wrap my brain around that. Skye will be celebrating her 1/2 birthday next month – Kleenex please. With the new month come new milestones. 

  1. Last month, she discovered rolling from her belly to her back. This month, she mastered rolling from her back to her belly.
  2. #1 lead to rolling non-stop, over and over again. Of course, that was only the start. Now she can use her foot against the crib bar to change her direction, and end up at each corner of the crib. Yeah…Fun (insert sarcastic emoji now).
  3. On top of that, Skye’s making attempts at pulling herself up with the bars of the crib. Great…
  4. She’s scooting forward, like a very premature crawl. 
  5. She’s tasting solid food! That’s always messy and fun. She likes it, but would rather drink 6-8 ounces of milk instead.
  6. She’s sleeping through the night.
  7. She’s sleeping in!
  8. Teething like crazy, but little lady holds her teething toy all on her own!

Bath time is what I like to call Skye’s spa time. I try to make it fun for the both of us. Sometimes I play soft music, massage her feet and hands, I love her giggles when I make silly faces at her – that’s my favorite. Our friends over at Boon, sent us their 3-stage SOAK bathtub to try – it’s designed with an adjustable bump and contoured back to suit newborns through seated toddlers and fits into most double sinks. I personally prefer placing it in our tub though, since bath time is right after our oldest shower time, this way I can keep everyone in one place. Something I wasn’t expecting and find very cool, is that it’s included with a clever temperature changing drain – that’s extremely helpful!

Boon introduced us to their friends over at Mustela, a trusted leader in skin care for over 60 years! They have recently come out with baby washes and lotions designed for a variety of baby skin types. Yep, baby’s have skin types too. Between the ages 0-2, baby’s skin is getting used to the environmental stressors of the outside world. Back when Zoë was a newborn, it was obvious she had very sensitive skin and was prone to eczema. Skye has a different skin type than her older sister. It fits under the category of normal skin. Mustela’s new line covers 4 skin types: Normal, Dry, Eczema – Prone & Very Sensitive Skin – so there’s something for everyone.

Mustela sent us their Foam Shampoo, Hydra Bebe Body Lotion, Gentle Cleansing Gel and the Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath. We loved using each of these products! They were very moisturizing and gentle on her skin.

By the way, we moved the crib mattress down so Skye can’t climb over…We may be over-cautious, but I watched her do a pretty good job pulling herself up when she thought I wasn’t looking. It has begun. The growing leads to mobile, which then leads to “Bye mom, see you after school!”. KLEENEX!

We hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day weekend! We’re excited to have the family come into town – its grill time! 

Zoë Time & Washable Rugs – Yes Please!


 Sharing the spotlight when you didn’t have to share it for so long is without question, a challenge. Zoë needs her glory, she needs her time to shine. And shine she does. She recently got signed with a modeling agency here in Chicago, called Lily’s Talent. There is just something special that comes out of this little girls eyes! I was hesitant for a long time about my daughter following my footsteps, but the talent is there. It can’t be ignored – she’s quite clearly a star. We are so proud of our theatrical beauty – she is an amazing little girl who enthusiastically loves life like no other. We will cheer her on for our entire lives. This weekend, she scored a goal for the other team in soccer, and we applauded just as loud as if she had scored for her team, “keep it up, way to go!”. I just saw her doing them a favor 😉

Zoë comes home from school covered in marker and food stains. It’s a like a road map of her day. At home, the living room is our designated play area, which is a little comical because it’s also what we call our “white room”. Kids and white living spaces are probably believed to be a fantasy. Somehow, with some care and Michael’s OCD, we make work. There is one additional trick to keep a white space tidy, with kids and a pug: washable everything. The only challenge in keeping things clean were our rugs. Dry clean only doesn’t pair well with kids, but guess what?! There is such a thing as WASHABLE AREA RUGS! Yep, how cool is that?! There is a wonderful company by the name of, LORENA CANALS, who produce beautiful rugs and cushions that are all machine washable. Yes, machine washable, as in fits into a standard washer and dryer. The home collection is ideal for every room, not just the kids rooms. Our living room looks amazing with our new Bereber Beige Rug and floor cushion, c/o LORENA CANALS

Skye’s Milestones & DockATot’s New Mobile Toy

Skye had a lot of firsts this past week. She moved into her big sisters bedroom and slept through the night. They are now officially roommates, and it’s going very well! On Mothers Day, she tried solids for the first time, actually cream cheese – loved it! Our first child Zoë had a healthy sweet potato for her first solid, but this lucky gal got to lick cream cheese right off of momma’s finger (lol). She’s making strong attempts at holding her bottle on her own. However, my personal favorite milestone, she has started the first signs of talking – babbling (I think she’s trying to tell me something). Each day, we see more of Skye’s personality. She’s still very chill, but she also has a sense of humor. Sometimes we catch her giving us a mischievous smile, followed by giggles; she likes to tease Michael especially. The kid is amazing. She’s great company, smiles and laughs at all of my jokes, she really likes to watch The View with me and her sleep schedule is down right awesome. I’m a loyal fan.

The weather is GORGEOUS – 80+ degrees today! The sun is bursting through the sky. The upper deck revamp is all finished, so we’ve been spending as much time out there as possible. Michael did an incredible job painting and planting everything. He put his whole heart into making my dream sanctuary. He grilled us shrimps and scallops last night for dinner. We sat under the deep blue sky, surrounded by the city lights and laughed about parenthood while sipping wine. All while our baby Skye, 18 weeks old, slept peacefully in her DockATot. By the way, DockATot came out with a very cool addition to the portable bed! It’s a mobile toy that attaches right onto the portable bed c/o our friends over at DockATot. Skye loves it! It’s actually our most used baby product in the whole house, seen here!

She looks just like Michael. But she acts just like me 😉

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