Baby Shopping Guide: Baby Products We Used The Most And Will Be Using Again

Baby Shopping Guide: Baby Products We Used The Most And Will Be Using Again - Girl Nesting

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The question I get asked a lot is, “which baby products did you actually use the most?”. People don’t want to buy products that are going to be a waste of money. You will find that when baby arrives you don’t really need everything they said you needed. Granted this varies with each family, but there are products that you do definitely need and will be happy you made a priority on your baby shopping list.

A month ago Michael and I pulled these items out of storage to use again for baby “S”. The best thing is that they lasted throughout baby #1 and are in great shape and ready to go for baby #2. They are durable, washable and all of them helpful. This is my quick list of baby products we loved and used the most with Zoë. 

1.The Bugaboo Cameleon3 stroller is my absolute favorite! I love the modern/urban design of Bugaboo. This stroller grows with baby and it’s extremely durable. In this walking city of Chicago I have used this stroller almost every day since Zoë was born. We recently upgraded our canopy cover to the Extendable Tailored Fabric Set in Grey Melange for baby “S” which just makes the stroller feel brand new – LOVE that!

2. Bugaboo Universal Footmuff is a lifesaver in a cold climate. Our daughter loves her hot pink footmuff and so do we because it keeps her warm and safe in freezing temps. In Zoë’s words, “it’s cozy”.

3. 4moms MamaRoo = Grateful. This brilliant machine rocks your little one to sleep like you do with 4 built-in soothing sounds to choose from, or connect it to any MP3 player – AWESOME.

4. Boon NAKED Collapsible Baby Bathtub is the best bathtub in my opinion. It collapses flat and hangs up for easy storage. We actually used this tub until age 3 1/2 as a little “pool” on the deck (lol). 

5. Boon Grass Drying Rack was used constantly in this home for bottles, pacifiers, baby spoons and more. It’s cute, tidy and helps dry all those little pieces.

6. BabyBjörn Spirit Original Baby Carrier is SO VERY HELPFUL! This is a must in your life with baby. Michael really loved using it as well, this was the perfect way for him to bond with our baby girl. He got to carry her around, nothing like I did for 9 months ;). This carrier helps with keeping your hands free for multitasking in the kitchen, walking the dog, airports and more – it’s awesome.

7. Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat. Very important purchase, the car seat is the first baby product your baby gets to know from the time they leave the hospital. I like this one because it has a built-in cover for the cold months – very important here in the windy city. Also, this car seat is adaptable to our Bugaboo stroller – that is very useful.

8. Ubbi Diaper Pail White – There are no words for my love for the pail except for AWESOME! It’s great because it locks bad smells tightly away. My good friend Colleen gave us this gift at our baby shower, she was honored to give us the gift that would probably be used the most – that it has been (LOL).

9. Boon Orb Bottle Warmer is easy to use and it also warms baby food! Yep, versatile – you want versatile when shopping for baby products, saves you time and money.

And there you have it, the stuff we used the most 🙂

Shopping Land of Nod For A Shared Bedroom

Shopping Land Of Nod For A Shared Bedroom - Girl Nesting

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Hey there everyone! As you can imagine Zoë is very excited to become a big sister and share her room with “her baby” as she often puts it (adorable). The first 6 months or so Baby “S” will be in our room, but we do have the crib all set up for naps across from the toddler size bunk bed in her room. One day these two are going to outgrow their sleeping arrangements and so I find myself already planning for when they will need a slightly bigger bed. It’s a small room, so space-saving multifunctional furniture with lots of extra storage is a must! Even though I have time until this day (years actually lol) I do know this for certain, Land of Nod is our first and last stop – no question. The bunk bed above is perfect for a smaller room. The ladder is close to the frame as not to take up floor space and the large deep drawers are a lifesaver with girls clothes…so many clothes!!! The dresser is also a changing table when needed and the shelves are perfect for books and puzzle pieces that could easily take over the house. Keeping the large pieces white keeps the space feeling light, adding pops of color makes the room a fun and pretty space to live in. Now how about that igloo! That’s for me 😉 

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Hello 3rd Trimester! - Girl Nesting

 We did it, hello 3rd Trimester!!! I woke up smiling and with tears in my eyes this morning. This is huge, I am 28 weeks today, the beginning of the final stretch. Baby’s lungs are mature enough to survive if born now and that right there is the best gift of the 3rd trimester.

I’m feeling pretty big these days…I have grown! Zoë tells me her belly button has popped and mine is almost there too (lol). She says she’s having a baby dragon – kids are so cool. I’m having a lot of restless nights lately. Baby has been practicing turning which is crazy uncomfortable but also a step in the right direction – do what you need to sweetheart, I will survive. I can’t wait to meet her, the anticipation is stronger than ever; which is very normal for the 3rd trimester as my body and mind prep for delivery. At the same time I’m trying to tame that anxious feeling down and get this girl as close to the finish line as possible. We had ourselves another scare and trip to the hospital after trick-r-treating on Sunday. Walking and standing too long is my kryptonite. I dilated a half a centimeter the first time they checked, than two hours later it closed. Relief!

Last night I was ready to get up and start browsing baby stores online for strollers, but we have decided to stick to our Bugaboo and add-on the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board for Zoë. She recently turned 4 and is much more independent these days. I love that Bugaboo has come up with this option for the older child, she can actually sit down in the back while I push the baby in the bassinet. Pretty cool! Our first pregnancy we were searching all the products in preparation for baby. This time we have the luxury of using what we have – gotta love that!

It’s not easy to sit still while my toddler is playing and enjoying life. These are after all the last couple of months (or less) that she will be an only child. There’s something kind of heart wrenching about that, an end of an era.

Hello 3rd Trimester! - Girl NestingHello 3rd Trimester! - Girl Nesting

It is also the beginning of a new.

The Last Week of My 2nd Trimester!

The Last Week Of My 2nd Trimester! - Girl Nesting

A very happy 27 weeks today! This is the last week of my 2nd Trimester and I can barely believe it. We are now so close to the finish line. I am totally ready to meet this little squirmer who constantly keeps my company. One more week and I will be starting the 3rd Trimester – WOW! The final chapter. That means 13 weeks left to go – so we better finalize which double stroller we’re going with (ha!).

We had our scare with contractions a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been staying away from decaf coffee’s and teas. I’m also taking it easy, as much as a mother can thanks to Michael and my Mom. Our lives will be changing again very soon. All I can do is get my mind ready for the constant juggle ahead, “I got this, don’t show any fear. They smell fear“, that’s basically it.

My role in this house makes me laugh at times. I laugh because I never could imagine myself in this role. In our home I am the rule maker, the peace maker, the one who makes sure everyone is behaving (yes, at times that includes my hubby), I’m the one that they all come to when they tattle on each other (yes, that includes my hubby). I pull my hair over it but I love it. A mother’s job is constant. Even in my sleep I’m going through my list of “to do’s” and have my ears always open in case someone needs something (including our 11-year-old Pug who lately has been the neediest one of them all). My family loves me and sometimes they even fear me. When they don’t act right I give them the “dreaded talk”. I love each of them with my whole heart. Soon the newest member of the family will be in my arms at last. My heart will swell even more, more than I could have ever imagined possible.

“Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty” t-shirt by A Pea In The Pod ~ I LOVE it! 🙂

Pregnancy Week 25 to Week 26: This Tip Helped Keep Early Contractions Away!

Pregnancy Week 25 to Week 26: This Tip Helped Keep Early Contractions Away! - Girl Nesting

They say every pregnancy is different, ain’t that the truth. Michael listened as I told the Doctor in the hospital, “This didn’t happen before…”. I had wobbled to an Über and held onto “staying calm” through Chicago’s day before preparation of the Chicago Marathon. The main road to Women’s Prentice was closed…(great timing). I was having early contractions at week 24, taking me by surprise, this never happened in my last pregnancy. Now Braxton Hicks I’ve had before, I know how that goes, but this was not Braxton Hicks. These were contractions that were coming frequently throughout the day and closer together as the evening was approaching. They warned me just the day before that if I had 4 or more contractions within the hour to CALL THEM! So I did and I was determined to stay calm. Michael rushed through traffic from work in Indiana and got to the hospital only 5 minutes behind me. I looked at his face when the nurse said I was having contractions every 3 to 5 minutes, he had fear and worry in his eyes. I refused to have this baby too soon, I was going to keep it together.

They tracked me for 5 hours. After 5 hours they told me my contractions had stopped after the first 2 hours of being there; they needed to be sure I was ok before they could let me leave. My cervix was high and closed thank God; I was not dilating from the contractions I had struggled with since that morning and that was the biggest concern here. Contractions is one thing, dilating and contractions is the real thing. Granted the doctor informed me they have medicine to stop the contractions from happening any further if dilating should occur. I was in awe of how far we have come today in medicine. Baby “S” was doing amazing they reassured. We listened to her strong heartbeat gratefully for those 5 hours. She bounced around in my belly, more active than ever from all the new sounds. She was safe thank God. I never had early contractions before with my first pregnancy, but I had my share of scares: like dehydration a couple of times due to severe morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy and fainting at the dry cleaners. Just like before, I was going to ride this wave and get back to the sand standing…or leaning maybe.

So why did this happen? Well the doctors couldn’t give me a solid answer, but a friend contacted me and told me that she and other mommie friends of hers found that coffee and some teas, even decaf, triggered early contractions for them. My friend is all about natural remedies and I completely respect that! I’m for medicine, but I also like to cover all my options to see what works best, so I keep my eyes and ears open to the all natural ways as well. The morning before this all went down I had a brand of decaf coffee I never tried before. After drinking a bit, it started to taste bad…I couldn’t figure out why though, it was tasting pretty good at first. Normally I have a decaf latte, which has a lot of milk added into it. I’m allowed one cup a day the doctors said. This time I had decaf coffee though and it was pretty strong. I knew my friend was onto something. So I tried a few days without decaf coffee, latte or tea to see if there was any change. There was! I felt much better, no contractions (yeah)! Then I tried a day with a decaf latte (I wasn’t going near a cup of coffee again)…I went to the hospital for the 2nd time that evening. This time the contractions didn’t last as long – but I also didn’t finish the latte this time…ah ha! Dear Watson, I think we found it!

This brings me to my picture above ^. Hot water and lemon – my new go to when I need something hot and comforting. I’m drinking water like a fish and I feel really good. Zero contractions, hardly any Braxton Hicks (very mild if I do and one time in that day if it happens).

I am so grateful to my friend for reaching out, thank you Natalia! This is a very good tip I had to share with you all. I am currently 25 weeks and 4 days! Feeling AWESOME again. Just a few days more and we will be at week 26.

Every week is a definite milestone 😉

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