No Better Day Than Today – An Update

No Better Day Than Today - Girl Nesting

Happy Earth Day…yesterday. Yea, I’m a little late. I took this shot last weekend when the weather was like a dream and feeling like spring…and then yesterday we had some flurries. Chicago really knows how to keep things interesting. I love the blossoming trees during this time of year…and just looking at this pic I can’t believe how big my daughter is getting! Wow!

  I have a lot going on as to why my lack of posts. First, Michael and I are going after our dream to go into family photography on the side – very exciting! We already had our first photo shoot last weekend with my good friend Susan and her beautiful family. They are naturals in front of the camera. Now I’m just busy editing all these great shots. Friends were commenting how impressive it is that Michael and I can work well together, being married and all. We speak the same language with creative projects. He gets my vision when I describe the shot and then he makes it happen. We’re a good team! So I guess this makes me the art director/ coordinator / stylist / sometimes photographer / editor – I Love it! We have two more shoots lined up; this will be perfect for our portfolio on our new website, that I’m also busy building (lots and lots of code). 

Secondly, tomorrow morning I am having surgery. I have chronic sinusitis and the past two months have been no fun. It became so bad that it even put me in the hospital. I actually had to have a spinal test done to make sure I didn’t get an infection in the brain – scary stuff. I’ve put off seeing a specialist for years now… silly because the real fear is what could happen if you don’t take care of it. I didn’t realize it could be so bad as to possibly cause blindness or even death! Yea, don’t mess around if you have constant sinus infections. Take it from me, you don’t want to put it on the back burner. So come Friday morning, I am putting my trust in a well renowned eyes, ears and throat specialist. I will be having my sinuses drained; I’m like a living fish bowl (my ct scan I quote, was “impressive”) and they will also be enlarging my inner nose cavity. All of this will help me feel a LOT better. The procedure doesn’t change my face in any way, but I will feel relief and no more sinus pressure…SOLD! It’s my first time having surgery, and I’m a bit nervous but I’m also calm about it…weird how these two emotions go hand in hand right now (ha!). I just feel like I’m in the right hands and this is overdue, so let’s get this ball rolling. My Aunt Janet is flying in from Miami today, and Michael’s flying back early as well from a business trip. Michael, Janet and my Mom will be helping with our baby girl. I’m so grateful for my family. I was told the recovery is pretty tolerable…so lets see. Either way, I am totally taking advantage of not having to raise a finger for a few days. I mean come on – this is a Mom VACATION!

No Better Day Than Today - Girl Nesting

(^^Gotta wear shades!^^ )

Last but certainly not least, Zoë is talking more than ever now. She’s just started to put together 3-4 word sentences. It’s less stressful for her to be able to communicate and of course be understood, she sure has a lot to say. She’s taken a liking towards numbers, she can count on her own to 7, and then skips ahead to 10 (pretty cute). Her new game is counting the words that she sees (why not right?!). Yesterday she pointed to her Doc McStuffins car and said, “Doctor!”. She also read part of a sign on our way to school. I was shocked with this one. She read “BO”, the rest of the word was hidden, but there it was. I was so proud of her and asked if she would buy mommy a beach house someday, being so smart. She said yes ;) Now any word you ask her to try to say, she will give it her best shot and often says it clearly. So of course now we’re really going to have to watch our language more than ever…(lol) and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve caught myself cursing when I drop something or forget something. In fact, I hardly ever swore before. I guess it’s like telling someone not to think of the color yellow…you just can’t help but think of the color yellow!

Anyhow, I better rest up, tomorrow is a big day. The first day on the path to feeling better.

Zoë’s Big Girl Room

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl Nesting

Kids grow so unbelievably fast…It’s bitter-sweet for every parent. We feel proud that we could be a part of them getting there, but we’re sad to see that precious baby time go. I felt this way especially this milestone. Zoë was ready to move up in the world yet again, and this time it meant a twin size bed. Get the kleenex. We just didn’t think it would happen this soon…the toddler bed was supposed to last until age 5! Honestly though, with her Dad’s German genes and her mom’s crazy tall height during my kid years…this was not really that much of a surprise. When we looked over at the changing table, poor Michael was ready to go on strike. That’s when it hit him that his baby girl was no longer a baby. I can understand, I was having a rough time last week going through her closet and putting away clothes that should have been packed away a long time ago. I found a couple of 0-3’s and 1 year old sizes hidden in that closet, she wears 3-4’s now. I had made a trip to Target for some storage bins to hold it all. There were baby rattles, binkies, tiny socks and shoes, swaddles, bottles! The time between then and now went by so fast. I made sure to fold everything as neat as possible, telling myself it could be used again someday…well maybe, who knows. Maybe there could be a second miracle…or Zoë could pass it onto her daughter (that made me cry even more). So to embrace the new transition that was obviously traumatic for us parents, I made sure that this new big girl room would be special for her.

We picked the parents favorite, the KURA Reversible Bed. This bed is the perfect solution for a small space like ours. You can use it for one child as a single twin bed, or turn it upside down (or right side up depending how you look at it) into a loft bed with a play area underneath, or as a double twin bunk bed. The lower bed is actually on the floor, perfect for the younger child. It’s the perfect purchase if you’re thinking to someday have another. I used IKEA curtains that I trimmed and finished with my handy but unfortunatly rarely used sewing machine; purchased when I was preggers with Zoë and didn’t know it yet. Funny story actually, lets just say that’s when my “nesting” began. I could have cut the drapes closer to the ground, but I wanted to see the detail of the frame and I also thought they might get dirty or could be tripped on. The bed feels very dreamy, as a friend of mine commented when I posted a pic on Facebook. Zoë loves the curtains closed when she sleeps, it makes it private and cozy.

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl Nesting

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl Nesting

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl Nesting

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl Nesting

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl Nesting

I LOVE these girl wall flower holders, a personal favorite purchased over 3 years ago now from CB2. They hung over the changing table originally, which I thought was pretty clever (hehe, pat on the back). They can hold real flowers, but we found these fake Gerber daisies and thought, “less maintenance = good idea”.

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl Nesting

 We have all sat together for “tea” in this awesome (wish I had one when I was a kid) playhouse ^…yes, even the pug.

Zoë's Big Girl Room - Girl NestingThis is our family, beautifully crafted with love by my dear friend Ashley Newman (Thanks girl!).

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Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

Beach Walk On A Rainy Day

Beach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl Nesting Beach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl Nesting Beach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl NestingBeach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl NestingBeach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl Nesting Beach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl Nesting Beach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl Nesting Beach Walk On A Rainy Day - Girl Nesting


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Decorate Your Tech – Banana Leaf Wallpaper {FREE WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD}

Decorate Your Tech: Banana Leaf Wallpaper (FREE DOWNLOAD) - Girl Nesting

I figure Mondays are a great day to decorate our tech cause no one likes Mondays, and pretty things makes everyone smile, am I right? So here’s a new free download I designed over the weekend for you lovelies. I’m craving a tropical vacation somewhere…sigh. Missing my old home Miami again (why did I leave?!)…so to take me back to the tropics (where I belong), I thought some banana leaves plotted across our laptops would hold me over ;) Please get your coffee, take a deep breath and say out loud, “Today is going to be awesome!”. Positive thinking…it’s a miracle.

Real quick, this weekend for us was a busy one. Zoë got a new big girl bed! She is tall like I was when I was a munchkin. Overnight, she grew and looked smushed in her toddler bed. So Mike and I headed off to IKEA and Land of Nod, then I pulled out my sewing machine…this was no joke. Serious business. The final reveal, we made her small room something very very special. I’ll take some pics this week to share with you all. Zoë absolutely loves her new room; she’s been sleeping in her twin size bed like an angel. I was worried she wouldn’t sleep in it all, but the little lady has found her sanctuary at last.

 Finally, I would also like to say that I am so excited to see so many new Girl Nesting followers. It is such a joy to see the numbers grow daily! I’ve been working on this blog for a little over a year now, and it brings me so much joy to create these posts. A lot of love goes into it, so thank you so much for following along. I am really glad to see you all here :)

How to download: 1// Click on the highlighted link below, the jpg.file will drop into your Downloads file on your desktop. 2// Save or drag jpg.file from Downloads onto your desktop. 3// Select “system preferences” then “desktop & screen saver“. Drag jpg.file onto desktop option to replace current image and ENJOY!


Our Daughter’s Style

Our Daughter's Style - Girl Nesting  

Our daughter Zoë has style all her own. She’s only 2 and a half, but I swear she’s 2 and a half going on 12. She has recently started to want to wear only dresses. It may have something to do with a boy she likes in her daycare…but she has also become very girly like that. She loves clothes! I wasn’t at all like this when I was her age, in fact I gave my mother a lot of grief for dressing me up like a human doll. Blue jeans and overalls were my favorites (still are in fact). Dresses bugged me when I was a kid…a little wind, and up they went. Today we have leggings or fitted pants to put underneath, instead of dreaded tights like they used to make us wear, they were so itchy! If only we had leggings then…things would have been so different.

Zoë loves this outfit, I couldn’t help but snap a few pics of her the other day before we headed out to go Easter egg hunting. Wearing these pants under her dresses are not only a trend I’m seeing more and more of in fashion, but they are perfect for little girls who love to climb and play wild on the playground. 

H&M is the best place to pick up clothes for these kids, they grow so fast and constantly! It helps not to have to spend a lot, especially when you really don’t know how long they’ll even be able to wear it. Their kids selection is really cool, I am always incredibly impressed with their designs.

I made sure to get Zoë a lot of dresses this time, a windbreaker, a light baby blue dress coat that she wore for Easter egg hunting, and a clear pink raincoat that’s pretty awesome! Zoë wears a size 3-4 these days, this size fits best length wise and yet has plenty of wiggle room. I also picked up some 4-5’s to be on the safe side. Here are just one of her favorite dresses, and definitely my favorite dress as well (I wish this came in my size!). I really love the gold zipper in the back…such a pretty detail! I paired it with a mint stretchy pants, also from H&M, that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. We have six or seven of them now and she wears them constantly. I swear they are a must in every little girls wardrobe.

Our Daughter's Style - Girl NestingOur Daughter's Style - Girl Nesting

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