A Safe Place To Rest with DockATot

A Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl Nesting

Michael recently freshened up our upstairs decks for spring. He painted the floor panels a beautiful dove-gray, planted flowers that we picked out at a local nursery, and rearranged our outdoor furniture so that we could sit back and enjoy the city skyline. During the week, this is my sanctuary slash office. I can work comfortably on our rooftop, in what becomes an additional living space during these warmer months – sweet! There was just one problem, providing baby Skye a safe place to lie down. I also tend to move around a lot between the four floors of our town-home, and lugging around a hefty bouncer from one floor to the next was not going to solve my problem, it was going to intensify it and give me a bad back to go with it. Thanks to our new friends over at DockATot, my dilemma is no more, with what I believe to be the best thing ever invented. When we found out, they were sending a solution c/o DocATot for us to try, I was ecstatic. So, how do we like it? WE 100% LOVE IT. Thank you DockATot, you are making parent life easier. This lightweight portable bed can be carried around with you to every room in the house, so that no matter where you are, the baby has a comfy and safe place to rest. It also has a unique, breathable fabric, that makes co-sleeping with your infant that much safer. Last night Michael and I placed Skye in the middle of the bed in her Dock, and in a blink of an eye, she was fast asleep. I kid you not. We did a little happy dance, whispering “THIS IS AWESOME!”. The bed comes in two sizes to fit babies and toddlers, and they also come in a wide range of stylish fabrics to choose from. To learn more about this brilliant product, and get one of your own with $10 off, visit DockATot.com.

A Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl Nesting A Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl NestingA Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl Nesting A Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl NestingA Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl Nesting

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A Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl Nesting

A Safe Place To Rest with Dock A Tot - Girl Nesting  

*This post is in partnership with DockATot, whose product we absolutely LOVE.*


Weekend Faves

Weekend Faves - Girl Nesting

I’m changing things up this week and posting my favorites in time for the weekend. Make sure to check out those Buddha Bowls in my list below. YUM!

Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Shop 3 of my faves from this beautiful small bedroom design seen above. 
  • I want to try replacing my coffee with this recipe once a week. 
  • Dying to try all 7 of these nourishing Buddha Bowls recipes.
  • Loving these paint splattered moccasins by our friends over at Freshly Picked! Last day for our giveaway here on Girl Nesting – These beauties could be yours! Enter to win here.
  • Finally, I want to spend my Spring with these two must haves >


*image credit: photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

Marriage: 16 Rules We Live By

 Marriage: 16 Rules We Live By - Girl Nesting

Michael and I are approaching our 7th year in marriage…Where did the time go?! It just feels like yesterday that we said our vows in front of our loved ones. We have learned so much about ourselves and eachother over the years. That learning really never ends since we are always growing and changing. Time does this to people you know. These are the rules we have learned along the way that keep our marriage full of joy. This is our “secret” to still walking down the street laughing together, holding hands, and yes even flirting. This is a recipe in a way that will grow as we do, and we will never stop needing it in our lives. We are pleased to be able to share it with you.

  1. Communication. You are best friends right? Then communication is pretty important.
  2. Listen to each other, and most importantly show that you are listening. Think about that for a moment.
  3. Honesty is key. Don’t keep secrets from each other. Being open is letting each other in no matter good or bad.
  4. Set boundaries. Marriage is between two people, and not your whole family, friends and whoever else may try to cross that line. You know what you are both comfortable with, because you’ve talked about it…, set those boundaries early on in your marriage. 
  5. I just read today this next rule, and we have always agreed this is very important. Surround yourself with people who will strengthen your marriage and remove yourself from people who may tempt you to compromise your character and your relationship with your spouse. 
  6. Respect your relationship and don’t share what is private and between the two of you with outside relationships (family & friends). Unless that person is your therapist, they have no business knowing your private life. This breaks trust and code in a marriage.
  7. Be each others biggest fan. Encourage and not discourage. 
  8. Be there for each other. Be a sounding ear and comfort when in need.
  9. Be patient with each other. It’s not about just ourselves anymore.
  10. Don’t compare your marriage to others. What works for the both of you is all you need to focus on.
  11. Spend time together just the two of you whenever you can. With children this becomes a little tricky. Make time. Michael and I meet for lunch during the week. It’s really nice to still have that dating feeling in our lives. Of course baby Skye is with us, but sleeping. We also love our time after the kids go to bed. Also date nights are very important, call that babysitter and go out.
  12. Go on a vacation together. Leave the kiddos with family and go on a mini break/adventure. When you have kids that time you get to spend together is gold. It feels amazing to have freedom that lasts longer than a few hours. Of course be prepared you’ll talk about your kids often. 
  13. Remember to find the funny and laugh. We laugh at the funny times and we eventually even laugh at the not so funny times. It’s nice to be able to lighten up together.
  14. Put each other first. This one is really important. You said your vows, now live by them.
  15. Never speak about your spouse in bad lighting. It’s amazing how destructive this is to a marriage…Family are usually the first to break this rule with. Be careful. This breaks trust and the special bond you have between you and your spouse.
  16. Never give up. Always strive to do better, understand each other and forgive each other. You will have bumps in the road, work on it. Give the relationship the maintenance it needs. Take care of your marriage. It wasn’t easy to find, and now it’s up to you both to keep it alive.
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