Apple Picking Hands Free With Ergobaby’s New Omni 360 Carrier

Let’s be real. We have merely two hands. It may seem at times like we have 6, but I assure you it’s only two. When one hand is holding baby Skye and the other hand is frantically reaching for my active 4-year-old Zoë; who loves mischief, picking apples looks a bit out of reach (Ha, you see what I did there? Out of reach). I’m grateful for all and any help I get with the kids. Handing baby Skye over to a family member to hold a bit can be a nice break. However, this doesn’t always go over well with her. Zoë already blames me for having another baby, so she’s not willing to relinquish her spot by my side. The solution? Strap baby Skye to my body comfortably in the best baby harness available, Ergobaby’s Omni 360 carrier (c/o Ergobaby). It’s a life saver! I promise. They have parents sanity in mind. I can wear her facing me, facing away from me, on my back, on my hip. There’s no infant insert needed. It’s all built-in to adapt to Skye as she grows (from week 1 to 36 months!). It even has a pocket for my cell phone, wallet and keys! How’s that for being a helping hand?

Attention divided is a lot to get used to, especially when you’re only 4 years old. New baby comes along and takes mom and dads attention away – yea, that’s heart wrenching! I get it. What to do? Empathy, understanding, loads of patience, books like Pocket Full of Kisses, one on one time with just me or me and Michael are really helpful. I am completely new at this and welcome advice by the way. Sometimes it all comes together and works so well. Other times I wonder if she’ll ever forgive me for having another daughter. It’s heartbreaking. It’s also really frustrating. There were times at the beautiful County Line Orchard, where I was ready to make their apple cider a bit more parent friendly (lol). Yes, it all can make a momma feel a little unhinged at times, and so guilty. Nonetheless I’m holding on. I’m going the extra mile and we’re going to get through this adjustment together.

This is all part of being a mom. I’m here to love, understand and keep the peace – with open arms. 

Back to School at Notre Dame (Tea Collection + Giveaway)

Last week, the girls and I joined Michael on a work trip, which happened to be near the beautiful University of Notre Dame. We’re a long way from sending our little one to college. She’s just starting junior pre-K in another month. Regardless, this was the perfect opportunity to do a field trip to one of the most respected and beautiful college’s in the world. What better way to show her where good listening and learning could lead her. Zoë is a big fan of school. She does very well in her studies. She received excellence in most of her classes this past school year, including in her second language study, Mandarin. She was fascinated with Notre Dame. She instantly fell in love with the idea that she could live at school, without us. “Without us”, this was of course the winning statement. That will be something.

Tea collection has a beautiful new Scotland inspired line, perfect for boys and girls heading back to school. Their baby line is also out of this world (stay tuned). Zoë picked out this darling dress c/o Tea, that reminded her of the popular show Puffin Rock. It’s about a young Puffin that explores an island with her curious little brother – she loves that show. A must see. The show reminds me of Zoë. She’s always had a wonderful passion for life. She can turn a walk in the park into an adventure.

*Giveaway at the bottom of the post. 

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Dressed In Cool Blue

I’m feeling more like myself. I love working out, I really do. It makes me feel strong, in control of my health and let’s just say it – sexy. This cool blue dress is my new favorite in my closet. I’m the type of girl who has my favorites and that’s all I wear. I’m not one to go out and buy a lot of new things. Once I find what I love, I stick with it – that applies to all corners of my life.

Michael and I had fun taking these pics today here at our house. It was so freaking hot outside, but in Chicago we try not to complain about the hot weather, because we so often breath in the freezing. My sweetheart husband and I just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary – lucky number 7! Marriage has been the most wonderful journey. We have come a long way from our wedding day, where we really did look like kids (you can see some pics of that day in Instagram – handle: girlnesting.) I knew Michael was the one, there’s was an instant connection – we enjoy each other. I knew I wanted to spend every day with this fun and talented man the first day we met. It was a relief that he felt the same about me lol. We made a family together, our own family. Now our lives are non stop. There’s never a dull moment when raising daughters. However, finding our way back to each other, despite the wild ride – That’s what keeps this family strong.

*Life advice I would share at this age of 39: Maturity is not needing anyones approval, follow your own heart.

My cool blue dress can be found here.

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