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Dressing up my walls back when I was traveling for modeling never happened. I moved from apartment to apartment, often on short-term leases. It seemed like a big waste of nails since I would have to just take it all down again. I had only a few pictures in frames that I kept near my futon. That’s how I did things back then. It wasn’t until I purchased my first condo when I was 22, that I finally hung art on the wall. It was just one piece, a large vintage Vogue print of a girl in a black full piece swimsuit, a bathing cap, holding a big red ball. Unfortunately for the six years I owned that sweet one bedroom in South Beach, I hardly really got to enjoy it. I was flying all over the world, never knowing where I would be from one week to the next. It felt like a rest stop more than a home. It was sad really. When I sold that condo, I felt regret that I never got to really know it better. 

It took me two years to find this loft we live in now. I felt extra picky the second time around when I went house shopping. Windy city Chicago, I was coming home to stay, and I knew work would be trying to pull me back from my plan. New York, Miami…I love you, but I don’t want to marry you. I kept my focus, I knew where I wanted to be. 

Skipping ahead, I finally met Michael, the one. We fell head over heals for each other, and to this day we are pretty inseparable. Except for the fact that he’s the traveler in the family now, and I get to find out what it feels like to be left behind. I like that the tables are turned, but I miss him terribly. When he’s out-of-town I find myself gazing at the pictures on the walls more. I think about how my life has changed and how I prayed so hard for it to. I’m happier now, because I don’t feel like my home is just temporary. I won’t be picking up and moving for work anymore, and it’s a wonderful feeling. My gypsy days are far behind me. I can sip my coffee in my kitchen and look at our wedding pictures and baby pictures of Zoë with our pug in a basket. I especially love the photo of me pregnant we have up, Michael is kneeling down kissing my very round belly, it was taken just two weeks before Zoë was born. It’s a pretty black and white image we had set up our camera to take, we are backlit with a flood of light, creating a beautiful silhouette of us.

It has been nine years now in this loft…or is it ten? The sweet memories that have been made are priceless. This is our home. There’s empty walls still needing attention, and I daydream now about the possibilities. I tend to hang pictures on the walls when something special is happening in our lives. I think it’s time to hang some art… The something this time is kinda simple, just turning a corner.

Oops, There I Am For Kohler Sterling!


Pretty excited, that’s me for Kohler’s Sterling line! I loved making this video happen last summer, so much fun. The crew was awesome and I was just in heaven looking at e-ver-y-thing (you can see more about that day here). This video actually posted back in December, but I’m just seeing it now. I was simply looking for new faucets for our master bath and oops! There I am! You can check it out on Kohler’s Sterling site, maybe you’ll spot a faucet you think we should consider…please let me know ;)

Between this and finding myself in Better Homes and Gardens April Issue last Sunday, I’d say I’m having a pretty surreal kind of week! Time to get back to reality though and do some laundry…

Here are a few more images I dragged onto my laptop from Kohler Sterling.

Oops, There I Am For Kohler Sterling! (Model Jahaila from Girl Nesting in Kohler add) - Girl Nesting Oops, There I Am For Kohler Sterling! (Model Jahaila from Girl Nesting in Kohler add) - Girl Nesting

 I definitely don’t look this elegant at home shaving my legs!

Thank you Kohler and Ford Models Chicago, for making me smile :)


Boon’s New SUDS Gadget Rocks!

Boon's New SUDS Gadget Rocks! - Girl NestingMichael and I have this thing about great cleaning gadgets that look great, are brilliant and versatile and deliver what they promise – I’m pretty sure that’s a wish list for most folks though. Well, when Boon asked us to try out their new cleaning gadget SUDS, we were pretty excited (putting it mildly). For starters, Boon just so happens to be one of our favorite kids products on the market. We have been loyal customers ever since our expecting days; back when we drew up our baby shower registry like it was our job. Boon products were a must on the list. We just love everything they come up with. They’re always spot on with cool colors and having a modern flare…and that’s so us. Their products fit right into our home, in fact I think they help make our loft more hip.

Boon's New SUDS Gadget Rocks! - Girl Nesting    Boon's New SUDS Gadget Rocks! - Girl Nesting

 SUDS is an easy to use, one-handed pump, bottle washer. It’s faster than sticking those bottles into the dishwasher and it cleans them much more thoroughly too, with its cool spinning scrubbing action. It’s pretty fun to use, Zoë thought it was a game; which was so adorable. She would laugh every time we pushed the bottle down and the suds flushed through the cup and back into the tray. Her laughter is absolutely contagious. What we found most special about this new SUDS product, is that it can be used well past baby bottles and sippy cups. You can use it to clean those wine glasses Mom & Dad ;) ;) . How about that for versatile!

Thank you Boon for making cool products that every parent can feel proud to own.

Boon's New SUDS Gadget Rocks! - Girl Nesting

**Shop at Target.com for Boon SUDS Bottle Washer!**


*This post was sponsored by Boon, whose products we absolutely love. Thanks for reading and supporting the sponsors who make this blog possible!

~ Photo’s by Girl Nesting ~

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It’s Out On Stands – I’m in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!

It's Out On Stands - I'm in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine! - Girl Nesting

 It’s finally out on stands! That’s me in the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine – page 143!!! This just made my year. I LOVE this magazine! I mean I seriously LOVE IT. I have a collection under our bed dating back to who knows when. Being that we’re at the end of March, I knew the April issue might be out and I was anxious to check and see. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find it. I could barely contain my excitement at the grocery store this afternoon – checkout has never been more giddy. When I got home and flipped through the pages, there was this fear that I wouldn’t be in it as planned. I think I would have cried this time. Michael was nervous too, he gave me privacy while I checked each page carefully. I arrived almost towards the end of the magazine…and finally found what I was looking for. There I was, smiling back at me! I held up the magazine with a huge grin. If you could have seen Michael’s face beam – he loved it! We were literally jumping up and down screaming. I showed our daughter, who looked confused at first that I was in a real “book”, but then she smiled big. Zoë’s too young to understand still, to her it’s just a nice picture of mommy (there’s something really cool about that!). It sure was the best feeling I have ever had in my career; being able to show my daughter, my husband and later my Mother, me in a magazine I look up to…Truly very special.

Thank you Better Homes and Gardens for making me smile. This shot will be filed away as one of my personal favorites :)

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Decorate Your Tech: For Spring!

Decorate Your Tech: For Spring! - Girl Nesting

Happy first day of Spring everyone! Decorate your tech for Spring with this fun free wallpaper, designed by yours truly ;) What do you think? I’m thinking about making more of these, it’s so much fun! I was craving something pretty and Spring like to look at on my laptop and wasn’t really feeling what I saw out there. So…I made my own! I liked it so much I thought it would be nice to share with you all.

How to download: 1// Click on the link below, image will open in a separate window. 2// Drag the image onto your desktop. 3// Select “system preferences” then “desktop & screen saver“, drag image onto desktop option and ENJOY!


(Design is for personal use only and not available for any commercial purposes. All copyright of this image is retained by Girl Nesting.)

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